Fall 2015 Leagues (9/7 to 11/11)

Registration Open August 13 - August 31 (M/T)  and August 17 - September 4 (W)
Mondays: 2015 Fall Mixed Competitive League (Mondays), 6-8 teams (Juneau High School)
Tuesdays: 2015 Fall Mixed Rec League (Tuesdays), 6-8 teams (Juneau High School)
Wednesdays: 2015 Fall Tiered Team League (Wednesdays), 16 teams (KK and Hart Park)

Summer 2015 Leagues (6/8 to 8/20) 

Mondays: 2015 Summer Competitive Mixed Draft League (Mondays), 6-8 teams (Mount Mary College)
Tuesdays: 2015 Summer Tiered Team League (Tuesdays), 20 teams (Mount Mary/Rainbow/Hawthorne/Dineen)
Wednesdays: 2015 Summer Mixed Beginner League (Wednesdays), 6-8 teams (Mount Mary College)
Thursdays: 2015 Summer Open League (Thursdays), 6-8 teams (Rainbow Park)
Thursdays: 2015 Summer Women's League (Thursdays), 4-6 teams (Mount Mary College)

Upcoming 2015 Youth Events:

8/20/2015 Cub Scout Youth Clinic

5:45 - 8:00 PM, Thursday 8/20/2015, Pewaukee, WI
Clinic starts at 6 PM, arrive between 5:30 - 5:45 PM.
Help a Pewaukee Scout Pack earn their Ultimate belt loop by teaching basic skills and drills and having fun.
We are looking for 8 volunteers to work with 1st-3rd grade students.
Contact Matt Plank, our Ultimate Scout Leader for more information about this clinic or to sign up to help.
Email: Matthew.Plank@gmail.com

Please contact Rich Sereg if you would like information about other youth volunteer opportunities or would like to start an ultimate club at your school.  

2015 Liability Waiver 

Any player involved in an MUC league or game must complete this waiver and return it to MUC prior to playing.  Captains may use this downloadable form in the instance of substitute players.  Remember, all substitute players in our leagues must first be approved by the league commissioner and the opposing team's captains before they are allowed to play.  Players can also fill out the waiver using this event: http://milwaukeeultimateclub.com/e/2015-waiver-wire